UN Port, comprising a beach, port and restaurant, is a private facility open to all members of the broad UN family. 

Who has access to un port?

Active or retired staff members, interns, consultants, trainees and accredited correspondents of the United Nations Office at Geneva and other Geneva-based international organizations;

Members of permanent missions, diplomatic and consular corps, accredited to the United Nations Office at Geneva and other Geneva-based international organizations;

Active staff members of Geneva-based international NGOs.

You may find here the list of eligible organisations.

To access you will need to purchase a subscription (see below) or pay a daily access fee of 5 CHF (reduced to 2 CHF for visitors to the restaurant on non-holiday weekdays).

If you bring guests (non-UN/international Geneva) they will pay the same entrance fee along with a 1 CHF guest surcharge.

Accompanied guests of the above will need to pay the daily access fee and be checked-in at the entrance.


Subscription provides unlimited access during the season, as well as access to exclusive benefits such as free use of pedalos, paddle boards and inflatable boats. As a subscriber, you are also entitled to rent a locker for the season and to opt for boat mooring.

Family members may be enrolled as associate subscribers with discount prices.

2020 subscriptions will be available for purchase as of 1 March 2020

The Beach


Come enjoy the lake and the sun in a private and safe environment. Bring your children, family and guests for fun with a  stunning view.

The Port


Mooring at UN Port is available exclusively to its subscribers. Boats up to 250 cm wide may be moored on a seasonal basis.

The Restaurant


The UN Port Restaurant welcomes you every day of the season, offering you daily menus, gourmet dining, and quality service.

Contact us

For restaurant bookings:

UN Port beach & restaurant

Rue de Lausanne 214, 1292 Genève

+41 22 731 6829

UN Port administration

Palais des Nations, 1202 Genève

admin@unport.org | +41 22 917 36 14

Opening hours

April through September

  • April: 11 am to 5 pm
  • May to September: 9 am to 11 pm

Restaurant phone number:  +41 22 731 6829 

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